NobleGEOFurnance, Inc.


NobelGEOFurnace, Inc. is in its very early stages as an alternate energy company.  The founder is an accomplished scientist who has a number of ideas for alternate energy generation.

He has developed a portfolio of concepts using water power to generate electricity as well inventions based on geothermal heat pumps and battery systems.

A prototype geothermal heat pump which offers efficiency and installation advantages over other systems is currently in use and collecting data for production.

The US Department of Energy acknowledges that geothermal heat pumps are significantly more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. However, the high cost of installing the geothermal systems has limited the market. NobleGeoFurnace’s innovative design eliminates the need for costly deep drilling while providing a high increase in HVAC efficiency.

SaeHeum Song was a semi-finalist in the PSE&G “New Jersey State Sustainability Institute, Energy Technology Demostration Grant Program” He has been an invited speaker at numerous clean tech events.

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“As a new start-up company, the NJMC Business Accelerator afforded me the opportunity to develop and grow my company in this green economy.”

– SaeHeum Song, PhD, President

Company: NobleGEOFurnance, Inc.

Key Contact: SaeHeum Song

Phone: 609.638.4053