BPL Carbon-free Solutions, LLC


BPL Carbon-free Solutions, LLC is an operational cost optimization consulting company whose focus is reducing dependence on fossil fuels, lowering our clients’ energy usage and overall costs, enhance national security, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our company begins a program by understanding the client’s goals, and developing an operational cost reduction plan consisting of 3 phases: lower costs from current rate, then  maximize efficiencies, and finally supply renewable onsite energy offsets.

Our services go beyond energy management and are applicable to residential, commercial/industrial, and agricultural sites.  We can establish recycling programs starting with office waste through to process waste. We provide “green” cleaning supplies and services, design training programs, and either lead the training or work through NJ programs in learning “Green” skills, Six Sigma, Business Process, Supply Chain, and Business Finance.


Energy Analysis, Energy Conservation Programs, and Renewable Energy Systems Design, Install, Monitor, Service, and Fund

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“The Accelerator has given us the ability to network with rising new green businesses in NJ. This exposure gives us an advantage when trying to provide clients with a variety of solutions.”

– Jim LaCanna & Nancy Schatel

Company: BPL Carbon-free Solutions, LLC

Key Contact: Jim LaCanna

Phone: 908.692.9381

Email: jim@globalnj.com

Website: www.globalnj.com