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A Common Sense Approach To Green Energy

One of the major issues of our time is energy. Current sources, based on fossil fuels, present problems that are steadily eroding our way of life. These problems are well known. Use of such fuels to generate electricity is damaging the environment, and more to the point, supplies are becoming costlier and more uncertain because many primary sources of these fuels are in politically volatile parts of the world. Coal, by far the largest domestic energy source, is cheaper but environmentally destructive in its mining and polluting in its use.

We are developing sea-going robots that will operate autonomously to grow algae and produce fuel in a clean and cost-effective manner using the abundant resources available at sea.  Our directly combustible “green coal” is well suited for use within the existing US energy infrastructure. Unlike other biomass energy sources, our sea-borne operations will not displace food crops from arable land.

Our approach is clean, safe, intrinsically carbon-neutral and entirely domestic. We project electricity generation costs comparable with coal and cheaper than oil, gas or nuclear power generation. Availability of clean, safe, fully dispatchable energy at a cost lower than coal or nuclear will create a high-growth opportunity for this technology.

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“Building and operating a small self-powered proof-of-concept floating biomass growth vessel was a key component of our business plan. This was achieved, due to the support we received from staff at the Business Accelerator and from the NJ Meadowlands Commission.”

– Donal McNally, PhD.

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