NJMC Business Accelerator:
Helping “Green” Companies Grow in the New Jersey Meadowlands

Do you have an idea for a new technology, but not sure how to turn your vision into a commercial business? The NJMC Business Accelerator, a project of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, is a tremendous resource for entrepreneurial companies focused on alternative energy and green technologies and services.

The Business Accelerator’s mission is to support the development of these companies by providing the critical support services and guidance that entrepreneurs need to accelerate the growth of their business.  Much like a business “incubator” which helps nurture early-stage companies, our program is called a business “accelerator” because of the additional services we provide to reduce the time it takes for companies to become self-sustaining and turn a profit. The ultimate goal is for these businesses to permanently locate in the region and create jobs.

By assisting our clients, the Accelerator is also hard at work supporting the NJMC’s goal of creating 20 megawatts of renewable energy in the Meadowlands District by 2020 and New Jersey’s goal of creating 20,000 green collar jobs by the same year.

Among the services the NJMC Business Accelerator provides:
  • entrepreneurship development and networking
    one-on-one mentoring
  • business planning, milestone tracking
  • access to the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI)
  • collaborations with universities, colleges and community groups

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